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Grantmaking Toolkit

Please note: The Grantmaking Toolkit is no longer available as a standalone product. Updated content amd templates have been incorporated into the members only areas of the Australian Institute of Grants Management (AIGM) website. AIGM membership provides tools and resources, discounted training and networking events, and a quarterly newsletter to help you radically improve the efficiency and effectiveness of your grantmaking programs.

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The Smart Way to Build, Review or Refresh your Grants Program

"It's the first of its kind in Australia. There have been other attempts to chart the grantmaking process, but never before has there been a tool that not only provides the roadmap, but also the engine that will move you along the road. While the decision-making framework gets you thinking, the templates will get you doing."

What is the Grantmaking Toolkit?

The Grantmaking Toolkit is an all-in-one DECISION-MAKING FRAMEWORK, WORKBOOK (with hard copy and online templates), and CHECK-UP TOOL designed to walk you through the process of building, reviewing or refreshing a grants program.

What's in the Toolkit?

The Grantmaking Toolkit identifies the five key pillars that are necessary to support a well-designed and successful grants program. The pillars are set out in the logical sequence that follows the typical life-cycle of a grants program, excepting the first pillar (Governance & Structure) which acts as the bedrock for the others.

PILLAR 1: GOVERNANCE AND STRUCTURE - The overall aim of this pillar is to state clearly the 'why' and 'what' of the grants program. Just as goals, policies and approaches underpin the whole program, so too do the decisions about the records systems to be used throughout the lifecycle of your program.

PILLAR 2: THE APPLICATION PROCESS - This pillar helps you clarify exactly what information you need from applicants to assess whether they will be able to deliver the program goals. Here you also identify how you are going to assess the applications so that you can ensure you actually ask applicants what you need to know (and only what you need to know). Once you have determined what you are going to ask and how you are going to assess the applications, you need to determine how you are going to reach out to the people best placed to deliver the results.

PILLAR 3: AWARDING GRANTS - Every grants program needs a fair and transparent decisionmaking process - it's important that your process can stand up to external scrutiny. There are many issues to be dealt with when awarding a grant, such as ensuring the proper involvement of stakeholders in announcing successful applicants and negotiating the actual grant agreement. Unsuccessful applicants must also be dealt with respectfully and constructively.

PILLAR 4: MANAGING GRANTS - This pillar focuses on the relationship between the grantmaker and the grant recipient over the life of a grant. It deals with the payment, monitoring and acquittal processes, as well as helping you to prepare for variations to the grant terms that may arise during the course of the grant.

PILLAR 5: REVIEW AND EVALUATION - The final pillar helps you determine how you will assess what has been achieved through your grant (outcomes); what has worked (process); and what can be done differently next time (developing the knowledge base). Although review and evaluation are inevitably considered the end process of a grant, it's very difficult indeed to bolt these processes on as an afterthought - you need to be thinking about them when you design your program.

The five Pillars of the Toolkit are broken down further into 18 separate Elements - key components within the overall task. Templates are provided for each element to help you easily move from the "thinking" to the "doing".

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