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Oxfam Australia
Phone: 1800 088 110
Fax: 03 93471401
Email: enquire@oxfam.org.au
Website: www.oxfam.org.au


Oxfam Australia
132 Leicester St

Oxfam Australia's work makes a real difference by helping communities to help themselves. The people we work with don't want to live on hand-outs. They want to lead dignified, independent lives. Oxfam Australia provides poor communities with the skills and resources needed to create their own lasting solutions to poverty.

By working together, thousands more people will have access to clean water, be able to grow more food, and enjoy better health and opportunities.

The Intent of Oxfam Australia:

Oxfam Australia is an Australian, independent, non-religious, aid and development organisation. Across 22 countries in East and South Asia, Africa, the Pacific, Central America and Indigenous Australia, we work in partnership with local communities to overcome poverty and injustice.

Our work includes long-term development projects, responding to emergencies and campaigning for a more just world.

Oxfam Australia has offices in Adelaide, Brisbane, Melbourne (national office), Perth, and Sydney. We are also represented by State Committees in the Australian Capital Territory and Tasmania.

Oxfam Australia is part of Oxfam International - a global federation of 12 Oxfam's which together work in 100 countries around the world.

We are affiliated with:

    • Oxfam International, whose constitution and code of conduct we are bound by.
    • the Australian Council for Overseas Aid (ACFOA), whose ethics we are bound by.
    • the Refugee Council of Australia.

    Oxfam Australia is an accredited signatory to the Australian Council for International Development (ACFID) Code of Conduct for Non Government Development Organisations (NGDOs). This Code of Conduct defines standards of governance, management, financial control and reporting with which NGDOs should comply, and identifies mechanisms to ensure accountability in NGDOs use of public monies

    We are also committed to the following Codes of Conduct

      • Australian Council for Overseas Aid
      • Fundraising Institute of Australia
      • Australian Direct Marketing Association
      • Sphere: Humanitarian Charter and minimum standards in disaster response
      • Oxfam International
      • Refugee Council of Austalia
      • People In Aid

      Recent Accomplishments of Oxfam Australia: