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Medina Aboriginal Cultural Community –


Mr Reg Henry
Phone: (08) 9524 5411
Fax: (08) 9524 5506


13 Leasham Way

(1) To further the advancement and well being of Aborigines in Australia generally and in the Medina area in particular
(2) To preserve and promote the culture and heritage of Aboriginal peoples
(3) To establish and maintain amenities for the benefit of Aboriginal peoples
(4) To advance the cause of co-operation and friendship between all Australian peoples irrespective of their colour, race or beliefs

The Intent of Medina Aboriginal Cultural Community:

See above

Recent Accomplishments of Medina Aboriginal Cultural Community:

Mirambeena Day Care (HACC program conducted by Derbarl Yerrigan Health Service at MACC’s premises)

Ngulla Community Nursery (Community Nursery that operates from property leased to MACC by Commonwealth Government).

Kwinana Active Women’s Program (Womens group that operates one day at the MACC and on other days in the local area)

Spectacles Cultural Tours (Aboriginal tourist tours around local wetlands)

Microsoft Unlimited Potenial Program (Computer program aimed at ensuring that every young person has access to/and is familiar with how to use a computer)

First and Second Click Computer courses (Computer classes that are aimed at introducing people to computers and the world wide web)

Food Cents (Cooking classes aimed at teaching people how to prepare meals at a budget price)