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Blackburn Village Residents Group –


David Morrison
Email: bvrg@ymail.com


PO Box 406

Since its formation in 1987, the Blackburn Village Residents’ Group (BVRG) has aimed to ensure that the interests of local residents are recognised in all planning issues affecting Blackburn.  The local community has long identified with the distinctive character of Blackburn, a predominantly residential area in which new property developments must not compromise neighbourhood character, planning overlays and vegetation.  To achieve this aim the BVRG:

o   Keeps in regular contact with members through meetings and newsletters

o   Maintains links with other Blackburn community groups and local residents through meetings, circulars, surveys and informal networks

o   Represents the views of members to the City Of Whitehorse through correspondence, meetings and participation in local committees.

o   Makes submissions to Panels appointed to review Amendments to the local (formerly Nunawading, now Whitehorse) Planning Schemes

o   Contributes to committees of review at State and Local Government levels


The Intent of Blackburn Village Residents Group:


Advocacy relating to Planning matters effecting Blackburn at Local, State and Federal levels.



Recent Accomplishments of Blackburn Village Residents Group:


o   With a number of other community groups successfully advocate the purchase of land adjoining the Blackburn Lake Sanctuary by Local, State and Federal Governments for integration into the sanctuary.

o   Negotiate with the developer of a supermarket at Blackburn and City of Whitehorse planners for a design outcome that addressed community concerns.

o   Written and Oral Submissions that represent the community at VCAT, Melbourne 2030 Audit and Planning Amendment Panel hearings.

o   Whitehorse Urban Design Framework (UDF) for MegaMile West and Blackburn Activity Centres (which BVRG made submissions and had a representative on the working committee).

o   Whitehorse Integrated Transport Strategy – provided feedback