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Bidyadanga Aboriginal Community La Grange Inc. – Bidyadanga Aboriginal Community La Grange Inc.


Ms Glenda Teede
Phone: (08) 9192 4009
Fax: (08) 9192 4662


PO Box 634


To create a strong engaged community with a dynamic future to meet the needs and aspirations of community members through delivering strong, ethical leadership with strategic planning to construct new infrastructure and resources that will deliver improved services and facilities.



A strong community with a proactive Council that will strengthen the capacity and resilience of Bidyadanga through partnerships with business, government and non-government sector groups in pursuing positive social, economic and environmental outcomes.


A council and staff that strive for innovation, continuous improvement and long term success in management and leadership practices, strategic planning and performance of council systems.


A council that is accountable to its members and will conduct it affairs openly, in consultation with its community and with integrity, whilst reflecting the highest level of democratic governance and public administration.


A council that recognises and values the need of different sectors and groups within its community and works in partnership with its values volunteers, community based agencies and State and Commonwealth Departments to ensure needs are addressed in a planned and timely manner.


A council that actively encourages and seeks the exchange of ideas and knowledge in finding creative solutions.


A council that will take a long term view as a responsible steward of the community's assets and finances.

The Intent of Bidyadanga Aboriginal Community La Grange Inc.:

Bidyadanga Council together with the Community Administration Office oversee all management and administration functions including the coordinated delivery of essential and most non-essential services to the residents of the Bidyadanga Community.

The specific roles of Council include:

·       Administration and Financial Management – To undertake all the function associated with administrative and financial management in compliance with “best practices”.

·           Community Representation – To represent the interests of residents and Bidyadanga at Local, State and Commonwealth Government Levels.

·           Formal Decision Making Body – To strengthen the capacity of the Council and ensure best interests of residents in pursuit of positive outcomes in partnership with the community, business and government bodies.

·           Housing Management – To deliver effective and well coordinated Planning, Project Management and Repair and Maintenance Services to the residents of Bidyadanga.

·           Municipal Services – To play an active role in both current and future community Planning, Development, Project Management and Infrastructure Maintenance.

·           Community Service Delivery – To ensure existing and new services, resources and facilities are provided to all people in the region.  These include a Public Library, Sports and Recreation Centre, WA Telecentre, Sports Oval, Youth Centre, Take-a-way, Child Care Centre and Post Office Agency

·           Government Services Management – To maintain existing and establish new government services and the availability of training resources or facilities to the people throughout the region.  These include the Centrelink Agency, Women’s Centre, BRACS and Aged Care Centre.

·           Commercial Infrastructure Development – To ensure access to retail facilities that deliver essential services to the residents throughout the region.  These include the Bidyadanga General Store, Automatic Teller Machines (ATM’s) and Mechanical Workshop etc.

·           Training Coordination – To support and encourage education and ability of a loca; workforce through Skills Development Programs, Traineeships and Apprenticeships

·           Management Support – To provided assistance in local management or coordination of Community Projects and/or Programs in accordance with “best practices”.

Recent Accomplishments of Bidyadanga Aboriginal Community La Grange Inc.:

Recent accomplishments and achievements within Bidyadanga Aboriginal Community include:


·       Integration of the Horizon Power distribution infrastructure upgrade and switch over of mainstream power supply with the commissioning of the new Bidyadanga powerhouse under the WA State Government Power Procurement Program.

·       Development of a National Suicide Prevention program including the establishment of a range of youth sports facilities and activities to promote positive lifestyle options.

·       Construction of a multi-function Police complex including three new houses for the resident Police and DCD worker

·       Establishment of a Youth Centre through the conversion and renovation of the former Police Post into a purpose built facility for young people including the fit out of recreational equipment.

·       Provision of MAC5000 ECG machine and upgrade the emergency telephone communications system to support improved emergency medical service delivery.

·       Construction of a new Aged Care Day Activity Room together with a major renovations to the residential pensioner units including bathrooms, courtyard area, kitchens and laundry facilities within the complex.

·       Demolition of the old Clinic building including removal of dangerous asbestos building materials and levelling of surrounding land

·       Establishment of the Community Housing Policy, Housing Management Plan and Repair & Maintenance program to support and improved residential housing conditions

·       Development of the Community Operations Manual and Motor Vehicle Policy

·       Construction of the Chief Executive Officers house from funding available from the Department of Housing and Works

·       Redevelopment and refurbishment of the Municipal Support Program (MSP) workshop and shed due to cyclone damage

·       Major housing renovation upgrades to over 18 houses within the community through MSP

·       Redevelopment of the Sports and Recreation Centre building including renovations to the male and female change rooms, and construction of a new kitchen and activity room facility.

·       Expansion of the Clinic with extra consultation rooms and the establishment of a mortuary

·       Construction of the resident Doctor’s/Specialist Nurses house to support improved delivery of health services

·       Renovation and refurbishment including extensive fit out of the Women’s Centre building to provide a short term refuge resource for women at risk.

·       Establishment of the Community Nursery and Greenhouse to support plant propagation for the Gubinge plantation (Kakadu Plum) project and ongoing beautification and dust suppression program

·       Security fencing of the Women’s Centre, Sports and Recreation Centre, BRACS building, Aged Care Centre, Nursery and Greenhouse, Take-a-way and BankWest agency

·       Major renovations and refurbishment including resources fit out to the Child Day Care Centre

·       Major renovations and upgrades to 26 Community Houses under the NAHS program

·       Repairs to the reticulation system at the community Sports Oval and Aged Care Centre

·       Major upgrade of the Airport facilities with repairs to the automated runway lighting system and construction of a new aircraft hanger and concrete aircraft parking/pre-flight safety check area.

·       Extensive renovations to the Community Administration Office to create a more open, functional and effective workplace environment

·       Renovations to the Bidyadanga Take-a-way including outside public seating, shade sails and rubbish bins

·       Brick paving projects including the Pensioner Unit courtyard and front of the Take-a-way/BankWest Agency

·       Consolidation of the Gubinge (Kakadu Plum) plantation as well as development of a small Market Garden to supply fresh locally grown fruit and vegetables to residents and the Store

·       Construction of the new Bidyadanga Community Services Centre building containing a WA Telecentre facility with public internet access, training room and video conferencing resources, Post Office and upgraded Centrelink Agency office.

·       Provision of street signs within the community to comply with mainstream house number/street residential addresses.

·       Construction of an archive/document storage room as an extension of the administration office

·       Extensive upgrade of the community rubbish tip including a regular vehicle crushing and disposal services

·       Introduction of regularly grading of the Bidyadanga unsealed access road and sweeping of internal sealed streets within the community by Broome Shire.

·       Purchase of a new rubbish truck and construction of 16 new houses within Bidyadanga community.

·       Establishment of a new landscaped children’s public playground area with shade sails

·       Construction of the Bidyadanga Visitor’s Accommodation Centre to support ongoing training needs and trades people requiring short term accommodation

·       Construction of the new Bidyadanga Swimming Pool Complex to encourage health and fitness issues plus address a range of early childhood conditions