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Unity of First People of Australia (UFPA) –


Marian Kickett
Phone: (08) 9322 6533
Fax: (08) 9322 6599
Email: admin@ufpa.net.au


Suite 1, 979 Wellington STreet

Postal Address

PO Box 1053

1) The long-term vision of the UFPA is an Australia in which the Indigenous culture is preserved as a central and vital aspect of national life and as a gift to our children and to the world.

2) The primary objective of the UFPA seeks to promote the awareness of the unique benefits, which Aboriginal culture brings to Australian society, and to ensure that the contribution by Aborigines to the local community and the national endeavour - cultural and economic - continues.

The Intent of Unity of First People of Australia (UFPA):

* The Community Justice Program was established in 1999 to train Aboriginal Community Officers as a self-help program for reducing the over-representation of Aboriginal people in the prison system.
* The Indigenous Skills Preparation and Recruitment Program was established in 2001 to focus on improving the prospects of Indigenous people entering into a professional career within the Western Australia Police Service.
* The Diabetes Management and Care Program was created in 2002 and is dedicated to curbing the incidence of diabetes amongst Indigenous people by providing carers to Aboriginal communities to help raise the general awareness of diabetes.

Recent Accomplishments of Unity of First People of Australia (UFPA):