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Policy Bank

Welcome to the Policy Bank, where you can find a range of free policies and procedures relevant to not-for-profit boards and committees and the organisations they govern.

Policies provided below are free for any not-for-profit organisation to download and use, so long as it is for a non-commercial purpose and that the organisation is not paying a consultant to carry out this work. Click here for our full copyright guidelines.

Important notes:
  1. You can't (or shouldn't) rely on these sample policies and procedures alone. They are designed as a starting point only - you will have to do the work yourself to get them adapted to your own organisation's needs and structures.
  2. Most of the sample policies provided here contain both policies and procedures (the policies provide guidance on standards for the organisation, while procedures provide instructions on how these standards are to be implemented). We recommend that policies be adopted at a board level, while procedures be developed and signed off by the organisation's head staff member (e.g. the CEO).
  3. In these policies we use the term 'board' to cover boards, committees of management, and whatever name you have for the body that has final authority in your organisation. Similarly, we use the term 'CEO' for executive directors, CEOs, and whoever runs your administration.

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Values Policies

It's important to have your organisation's values set out clearly. They should provide guidance at all levels; "These are the things we must do, and these are the things we will not do."

Governance Policies

These policies are designed help guide how the board, spelling out how it is to operate in different circumstances.

Financial Management Policies

You'll need rules to regulate how you raise money and how you manage it once you have it.

Financial Control Policies

Unless you have tight rules on how staff and volunteers handle money, you won't be able to guarantee your financial stability.

Communications Policies

In the hyperactive media culture of today you need to specify who does what, who owns what, and who can speak for your organisation.

Volunteer Policies

These policies outline how and under what circumstances volunteers can be recruited, their place within the organisation, and the rules they have to follow.

See also Human Resources policies, below. Many will be of relevance to volunteers as well as paid staff.

Human Resources Policies

If you hire staff, you'll need rules to cover their conditions of employment. Be careful, though; laws change from time to time, web pages (even this one!) fall behind - you should check that these are still current before you adopt them as organisational policy.

Human Resources guidance notes

Other Policies/Templates

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If you have some great policies that your organisation thinks would be of use to other groups, email them to kathyr@ourcommunity.com.au or post to Kathy Richardson, PO Box 354 North Melbourne, 3051.


Our Community would like to acknowledge the following organisations and individuals, who have generously provided policies for inclusion in the Policy Bank:

* If you want to see if your board is paying attention, slide this policy into your policy pack. No comments? It's possible no one's reading your policies.

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