Thinking Differently – Creating a Unique Partnership

Unorthodox problems might need unorthodox solutions. If an orthodox solution does not address a problem or community need, maybe an unorthodox one will. Be willing to think creatively to find solutions to issues.
Creating something a bit different or unique when it comes to a partnership can be effective, interesting, challenging and fun.

Think Outside the Square

  • Don’t be afraid of letting go of conventional ideas and daydreaming a little.
  • A brainstorming session may well be an effective way to do this.

Think of your strengths, unorthodox in particular, and consider using them as part of a partnership.

But don’t be unorthodox just for the sake of it. If a simple solution or partnership model works as well as or better than an unorthodox one, consider that one first.

Remember the basics of a partnership.
However unorthodox or unique your partnership may be, the basics of partnership building and maintenance are still important, including:

  • Making sure your partner is happy with a slightly less orthodox partnership.
  • Making sure the partnership’s aims remain realistic, and it still addresses the needs of both partners and the community.
  • Going through all the stages of setting up the partnership properly.
Examples of Unorthodox Partnerships Include:
  • Working with a group that you wouldn’t have considered previously – as long as you both determine you are compatible with each other.
  • Working on a project or in a field that is outside your usual scope.
  • Having an unorthodox partnership model. For example, sharing furniture, creating a software program, allowing an environment group to use your private greenhouse to grow plants, etc.
  • Thinking of something completely different!