Don't Opt Out -
Being Willing to Give Partnerships Another Go

If your business or community group has had a bad experience in a community business partnership, it is understandable you are going to be a bit hesitant about getting involved in another.

You shouldn't give up completely on the community business partnership concept because of one which didn't turn out the way you wanted it to, or didn't quite achieve its intended results.

Now that you know a bit more about community business partnerships, you may well be in a better position to have another shot at a partnership – in fact, you may have learnt some things that could make your second community business partnership a much bigger success.

There are a few keys to becoming "re-involved" in a community-business partnership:

  • Be willing to try again.
    • The most important point is for your business or community group to be willing to revisit the idea of a community business partnership.
    • That means all members of your group need to be happy to give it another go – not just a few.
  • Remember why you got involved in the first place.
    • All those good feelings and wishes for shared benefits between yourself, your partner and the community you had when you embarked on your first community business partnership were legitimately held. Do not dismiss them.
    • Any bad experiences or failed partnerships do not mean those initial attitudes towards community business partnerships were wrong. Think about your original aims when embarking on a new partnership and carry them with you into any future arrangements you might be a part of.