Sharing your partnership's success stories

Your partnership can't afford to rest on its laurels, hopeful that everyone in the community it is working in notices the difference it is making. Instead, it needs to ensure as many people as possible know about what it is doing, how activities have panned out and how the partnership is benefiting the community.

While sharing your partnership's success stories requires a bit of preparation, it is well worth it in the end.

Why you Should Spread your Success Stories

There are a few good reasons for going to the time and trouble of spreading your community business partnership's success stories, including:
  • Increasing your partnership's status, and therefore the status of the business and community group involved.
    • Potentially increasing membership or your customer base (with more participation and more success).
  • It will encourage the partnership to organise further activities.
  • It is good for the relationship between partners (it's a good way to say 'thanks', and a good waying of paying due recognition to each other).
    • Seeing each partner, as well as the partnership, receive due credit for its work will only produce positive feelings from both parties.
    • Again, it will encourage the organisation of future partnership events.
    • It is also a way of saying thanks and recognising the partnership partners, something which should be encouraged!
  • It may inspire others.
    • Your partnership success may well inspire other community groups and businesses to take up the partnership challenge to try and bring about positive benefits.
  • It builds up "credit".
    • If something bad or negative does happen – be it closely or more distantly linked to the partnership or partners - coverage of your past successes could be beneficial.
    • The media and critics can quickly highlight or play up negative issues. However, a history of positive media coverage of your partnership's successes can give the community a more balanced picture. This means the public, and maybe even the media, is more likely to view the negative occurrence as an aberration.
  • Because no-one else will do it for you.
    • Your partnership has put in some hard work to achieve some successful outcomes – those involved deserve a public pat on the back

Ways your Partnership can Spread its Success Stories

  • In the media.
    • Sharing your successes through the media is a key way to share news about your partnership's activities and events with the wider public (refer to the Your Partnership and the Media help sheets.
  • Through industry publications (not only does this publicise your partnership, it also raises its profile, as well as that of your business, in the eyes of your industry contemporaries).
  • In your business' internal newsletter or website (have a section devoted to the partnership and its activities &ndash it's a good way of keeping all staff "in the loop").
  • In your organisation's pamphlets, flyers and newsletters.
  • In business or community group meetings, presentations you do with external stakeholders, and AGMs. (Make sure any mention of your partnership is noted in the minutes of the meeting so there is written documentation of its discussion and what was said).
  • Inside your business or community group's annual report.This is a great way of publicising your successes to a wider audience. It would also provide readers with a welcome break from reading financial figures, tables and statements, as well as giving them a report on how your group or business is involved in the community through a special program outside its core business.
  • On a website, either your own or someone else's. Create a permanent page, link to it from the main page, and point to your partner's website as well.