Goal-Setting in your Community Business Partnership

Goal-setting can be about taking stock of where your partnership is at and what it is doing, as well as setting new and challenging goals for your partnership in the future.

Sometimes it can be about creating change to do something better or to better achieve positive results; other times it can be about aiming for a higher level for those involved in the partnership.

Setting goals enables those involved to:
  • See where the partnership is going,
  • Learn where they fit into that vision, and
  • Find out how they can help the partnership make that vision a reality.

Goal-Setting Tips

  • Take time to think about the future of your partnership and what actually needs to be improved, expanded and how you might be able to do it.
  • Involve your partners and stakeholders in the process of setting goals so that there is plenty of feedback on the reasons for change and the best way of enacting it.
  • Keep the goals realistic and achievable. It is difficult for people to get motivated on a task that they feel is impossible. If your goal is a big one, break it up into smaller, "bite-size" chunks that can be achieved a little easier.
  • Ensure the goals are to the ultimate benefit of your organisation and will also make a measurable difference to your partnership.
  • Bring your goals into a statement or series of statements that describe what action you will take and also the outcomes you desire.
  • Work out a program or course of action to ensure that your goals will be attained.
  • Set a timeline or deadline for the goals so that you have a built-in process that allows you to assess whether you have achieved them.
  • Provide regular feedback to all those involved in trying to achieve the goals. Inform each of them about the progress towards your ultimate aim – it helps them stay involved and focused.
  • When your goals are achieved, celebrate the success before you move on to setting new goals.