Tip Sheet – Pro-bono and Discounted Services and Products ideas for Your Partnership

This short Help Sheet is aimed at providing some ideas on how to use pro-bono support as a basis for your community business partnership.

For more information on pro-bono support, its use as a partnership model and the advantages it may bring to your community business partnership, refer to the Help Sheet Introduction to Pro-Bono or Discounted Services and Products at the partnerships Brokerage Service section of the Our Community website.

Seven simple ways to use this kind of support in your Community Business Partnership

  1. A law firm offering services to a sporting group with insurance issues.
  2. An electrician installing new lighting at the local community hall.
  3. A doctor offering discounted check-ups or immunisations to groups of elderly citizens at the local seniors centre once a fortnight.
  4. An accountant providing expertise to a community group around tax time to help them fill in their tax returns.
  5. A consultant offering to help a community group update their risk assessment and management criteria.
  6. A counselling service working at a discounted rate to help women who are victims of domestic violence.
  7. A local builder or tradesperson providing expertise to class at the local community centre helping people conduct safety audits around their homes.