Tip Sheet – Community Involvement Program ideas for Your Partnership

This short Help Sheet is aimed at providing tips on how your partnership can use a community involvement program model as a basis for its relationship.

For more information on community involvement programs, including information on what these types of partnerships can achieve for business and community group partners, refer to the Help Sheet Introduction to Community Involvement Programs at the partnerships Brokerage Service section of the Our Community website.

Seven ways a Community Involvement Program can be used in your Community Business Partnership

  • Through a "formal" program:
        1. A business putting forward an employee volunteering program or staff giving policy that will benefit their community group partner, and.
        2. A community group agreeing to work with a business to foster such a program.
        3. A community group using a business' services as a "preferred partner" due to the firm's involvement and partnership in the community group's activities.
        4. Undertaking to add your influence and contacts to lobby for a change that would advantage a community organisation and provide widespread benefits to the community.
  • Through a "consultation" program:
        5. A local adult education centre consulting with small businesses in its immediate area to gauge support for courses aimed specifically at their staff – and what sort of courses or programs would be most attractive to them.
        6. A community group seeking consultation with a design or architectural firm on a project aimed at lobbying local or regional authorities for better disabled access to public buildings.
  • Or finally:
        7. A business consulting with a community group that works with non-English speaking residents on a project that improves availability of services for that sector of the population.