Tip Sheet – In-kind Support Tips and Ideas for Your Partnership

This Help Sheet is aimed at providing some inspiration or ideas on how to incorporate in-kind support into your community business partnership.

Because of the many ways a business can donate in-kind support - through goods, services or resources - to a community group, this type of partnership model is especially flexible and limited only by your imagination.

For more information on in-kind support as a community business partnership model, and the advantages it may bring to your community group or business, refer to the Help Sheet Introduction to In-kind Support at the partnership's Brokerage Service section of the Our Community website.

Many of the ideas listed below are also contained in the What Can I Give? Ways to Give In-Kind Help Sheet, also available at the website.

A Dozen ways to use In-Kind Support in your Community Business Partnership

  1. Offering goods or services to your partner's raffles, fundraising auctions or as prizes at your partner's fundraising trivia nights.
  2. A technician offering to fix or install appliances, computer systems, etc, for free or for a discounted fee.
  3. A nursery offering excess trees, plants or garden tools to a Landcare or environmental group working bee.
  4. An electrician fixing the wiring at a community group's office.
  5. A hairdresser offering free or discounted haircuts to residents at a local senior citizens home.
  6. An office which has newly upgraded its computer network donating machines or components to a number of local groups, schools or other institutions.
  7. A newsagency offering stationery for a community group to print invitations on. Maybe printing or photocopying could also be donated.
  8. An architect providing his expertise towards designing a new building, office or other structure for a community group to base itself in.
  9. A website design company offering to auction its services to the highest bidder in a community group auction.
  10. A grocer providing sports drinks to the local junior football club for players to drink at half-time.
  11. A whitegoods store donating fridges, freezers or washing machines – be they up-to-date or the model from the previous year - to their community group partner.
  12. An accountant providing pro-bono expertise to help a not-for-profit group complete its tax return.