Tip Sheet – Sponsorship Tips and Ideas for Your Partnership

This Help Sheet is aimed at providing some inspiration or ideas on how to incorporate sponsorship into your community business partnership.

For more information on sponsorship as a community business partnership model, and the advantages it may bring to your community group or business, refer to the Help Sheet Introduction to Sponsorship at the partnerships Brokerage Service section of the Our Community website.

Ten ways to use Sponsorship in your Community Business Partnership

  1. Branding your business' name onto the uniforms or protective clothing worn by volunteers participating in a working bee.
  2. Purchasing the naming rights to a community festival. That means, for your money your business gets its name out there in conjunction with the community festival – meaning that not only is your business promoted around the community, but it is also favourably associated with a popular community event.
  3. Displaying your logo in association with a sporting team or club. Putting your business' logo on the uniform of a sporting team, or teams from different age levels across an entire club, again not only gives those teams a welcome boost, but associates your business with those teams, and gets your logo recognised wherever the team plays.
  4. Displaying your logo or name on signs around a sporting team's venue. For example, on the boundary fence, on signs or banners over the change rooms or near where the team gathers for quarter-time or three-quarter-time addresses by the coach.
  5. Supporting a community forum or educational event in return for covering venue hire, equipment or set-up costs.
  6. As part of a sponsorship agreement, contributing to a community group partner's fundraising events, like auctions and raffles, through the donation of goods that can be sold or auctioned.
  7. Purchasing goods for sale or auction at a fundraiser run by your community group partner, which shows your business' support for the event and for the community group.
  8. Buying equipment for a working bee or clean up organised by your community group partner, with the equipment branded with your logo or business name.  For example – "Equipment donated by …….."
  9. Paying the rent for your community group partner's office or base, with the community group in return allowing your business' name and logo to be displayed on the premises with a message like "Our group is supported by ……………"
  10. A Cause Related Marketing (CRM) arrangement which sees a local framing shop, for example, donate a percentage from each sale to the local art gallery. In return, the gallery would allow the use of its name and a message of support in the shop's front window.