Tip Sheet – Volunteering Ideas for Your Partnership

This short community business partnership Help Sheet is aimed at prompting ideas on how your partnership can use volunteering as a basis for its relationship.

For more information on volunteering and volunteering programs, refer to the Help Sheet Introduction to Volunteering at the partnerships Brokerage Service section of the Our Community website.

A Dozen ways Volunteering can be used in your Community Business Partnership

  • A business' individual staff members:
        1. Helping at a sports meeting.
        2. Volunteering at a support centre.
        3. Reading to children at the local library, or.
        4. Cleaning up an area of parkland or reserve.

        5. Staff members volunteering to join your community group partner's community group, or serve on its board or committee.
  • An employee volunteering program working on:
        6. A bigger clean-up or revegetation project.
        7. Building some furniture for a kindergarten, or.
        8. Taking residents from a senior citizens home on a daytrip.
        9. Having staff give up time on a rotating basis to take classes or provide "expert input" at the local community or adult education centre.
        10. Having your business' workers choose a community group to volunteer their time or labour towards.
  • A whole-of-business initiative that works on a particular project for a day - for example:
        11. The construction of a community playground, or.
        12. The renovation of a community hall or rooms.