Awards and Your Partnership - Why Apply for Awards

Many community groups - and through them the partnerships they are involved in - can be a bit shy when it comes to singing their own praises.

Be it because of a lack of time, a lack of self-belief or a lack of self-confidence, there are occasions where partnerships miss out on opportunities to promote themselves or gain recognition through awards.

But while entering awards does take a bit of self-promotion or "selling" and an investment in time and resources, it is an investment that can reap rewards and on-going benefits for a group that wins an honour or higher recognition for their efforts.

There are numerous benefits for your community business partnership in taking the time and energy to enter awards.

Why You Should Apply 

There are a few reasons to apply for an award – most of them centring on the benefits the recognition of an award would produce. Some of those reasons are:
  • A boost in self esteem for the partnership as a whole, as well as for those involved in the community group and business that make up the partnership.
  • An injection of energy and enthusiasm. It is a chance to celebrate the efforts of partnership partners – particularly those who have volunteered their time or donated money or goods - and to have that effort acknowledged and recognised as important by a wider audience.
  • An increase in profile if the partnership or its projects are successful. This means more opportunities for people to know what you are doing – especially in your local area – and the chance of greater participation from them in your activities. It could also mean your partnership carries a little more "sway" among the public and influential people where you operate.
  • Just applying for an award can improve your partnership's message. An application can be a chance to review and refine your partnership's message, which can be an exercise that often provides a far clearer idea of exactly how much benefit you do provide to the local community.
  • Winning an award is likely to result in extra publicity for your partnership through the media or in the community generally, leading to that rise in profile and the benefits which come with it. It also allows you to again tell stakeholders and the wider community what you do and why you do it.
  • Your finances could be boosted, as many awards are accompanied by a prize or by cash. It can also provide a financial benefit. But it is not just the prize money – awards can provide a really solid basis for a good marketing opportunity and platform for groups.
  • Even applying or nominating for an award is a great way of showing your appreciation to your supporters, partnership partners and everyone else involved.
  • One award could lead to further awards, multiplying the benefits listed above.
  • Your partnership deserves it!

For more information on applying for awards for your partnership, refer to the Help Sheet: Awards and your Partnership – How to Apply for Awards available at the Community Business Partnership Brokerage Service section of the Our Community website.