If Things Go Wrong – An Overview

Overcoming Problems in your Community Business Partnership

Most of the time, a well-planned, well-prepared and healthy community business partnership is pretty simple to manage, take part in and draw benefits from. But let's be honest – there are times when things don't go to plan, where a partnership might stumble or stall for one of any number of reasons.

The Australian Institute for Corporate Responsibility partnership matching service does not shy away from the fact that things can go wrong, and nor should current or prospective community business partners.

Things that can go wrong can range from the minor – a small disagreement, mistake or problem – to major things like a personality clash, a dysfunctional partnership arrangement or criticism from outside and/or within the partnership.

What is important for partners is to be able to pinpoint what is creating obstacles, and then to be able to remove them – either through discussions or through a previously agreed crisis management plan. By doing this, most problems in a partnership can be overcome or addressed.

Partners should not be embarrassed about admitting that something is wrong, speaking about it and identifying problems early – that way, it is likely those problems can be overcome.

The If Things Go Wrong with your Partnership section of the matching service's help sheets concentrates on what community business partnerships can do to identify and address problems that may arise, as well as working through crises and emerging from them stronger than before.

But it also recognises that not all problems are going to be overcome, and that sometimes partners can change focus or drift away from each other – meaning and end to a partnership.

In these cases, there are also help sheets that assist partners in ending a partnership, as well as reviewing an unsuccessful partnership. There is also information on how to partners can get "re-involved" in community business partnerships in the future.