Tip Sheet - Ideas on Sharing/Donation of Premises and Other Infrastructure for Your Partnership

This community business partnership help sheet is aimed at prompting discussion or promoting ideas on how your partnership could use the sharing or donation of premises, infrastructure and other resources as a basis for its relationship.

There is more information about sharing/donation of premises and other infrastructure in a few of the help sheets at the Community Business Partnership Brokerage Service website.

One in particular - Stop Meeting in Lounge Rooms: Sharing Premises and Meeting Spaces as part of a Community Business Partnership - is well worth looking at if you are interested in a partnership based around sharing premises.

Also refer to the help sheet An Introduction to Sharing or Donating Premises/Infrastructure in a Community Business Partnership for more information on the topic.

Half a Dozen Ways to use the Sharing or Donation of Premises and other Infrastructure in your Community Business Partnership

  1. Allowing a local environmental group or park group to store tools and equipment in a spare back room or shed your business might have. Similarly, a local council's works department could broker an arrangement like this.
  2. A business looking after a community group's supplies, information sheets or stationary in its supplies cupboard or storage area.
  3. Offering a community group your business' boardroom or meeting room for use when needed.
  4. A group being able to use your business' office technology - everything from a computer to a photocopier.
  5. A business offering office or storage space to a community group at half-price or at a percentage of the normal rental cost.
  6. A community group being able to advertise or promote an upcoming event inside its business partner's advertisements. Similarly, a community group advertising such an event might be able to include its business partner's address and any sales it has upcoming as part of its promotional efforts.