Tip Sheet - Employment/Work Experience Ideas for Your Partnership

This community business partnership help sheet is aimed at prompting discussion or promoting ideas on how your partnership could use work experience or employment as a basis for its relationship.

There is more information about work experience and employment in a number of Help Sheets at the Community Business Partnership Brokerage Service website, but for more specific information on the topics - and how they can be used in a partnership - refer to the Introduction to Employment or Work Experience in a Community Business Partnership help sheet.

Five ways Employment or Work Experience can be Used as Part of a Partnership

  1. Providing appropriate job opportunities or work experience opportunities for young people as part of a partnership with a group working with young people.
  2. Co-operating with groups assisting people with disabilities, or working with indigenous people, to create work experience opportunities or job and career pathways.
  3. A community organisation working with an educational institution on organising courses for members or others to increase employment opportunities, experience or training.
  4. A community organisation could work with an educational institution and possibly a business to organise apprenticeship or traineeship opportunities for community group members, or.
  5. A community group could itself provide the training or course opportunities to teach skills to business staff like apprentices.