Tip Sheet - Mentoring Ideas for Your Partnership

This short community business partnership Help Sheet is aimed at prompting ideas on how your partnership can use mentoring as a basis for its relationship.

There is more information about mentoring in a number of Help Sheets at the Community Business Partnership Brokerage Service website.

For more specific information on mentoring, refer to the Introduction to Mentoring Help Sheet at the Brokerage Service section of the Our Community website.

Mentoring is a variable and flexible partnership option which can be altered to suit a variety of situations, and can involve anywhere from two people to a number of people.

Six Ideas for Mentoring as Part of a Community Business Partnership

  1. An individual from business working with another individual from the community sector in an arrangement where they mentor them to give them guidance or advice on issues relevant to the group.
  2. A group from a business partner working with several community organisation members to provide guidance on matters.
  3. Business partner staff sitting on a community sub-committee or advisory board to provide information/advice.
  4. An open-door policy in that the business partner is available for consultation and guidance by the community group.
  5. A similar situation to number four, except a business partner working with an indivudal from the community organisation, rather than a group, and finally.
  6. A community organisation mentoring business staff or individuals in matters they have knowledge or expertise on.