Corporate Volunteering

There are many ways for a business to partner with community groups to their mutual benefit. One of these is for the company to encourage its employees to join not-for-profit groups or volunteer for community work.

There are many forms of volunteering, including

  • Giving your staff a paid day a month in which they can volunteer to work for community groups of their choice (or your choice, or your approved list).
  • Having your staff join together for a "team" or "whole-of-business" volunteering day or afternoon. It might be a team project to clean up an organisation's office, pack Christmas hampers, help build a playground, act as marshals at a special event or supply lunch at a local elderly citizens' club.
  • Letting your staff volunteer over the internet using their work computer. Virtual volunteering is a great way to let both people out on the road and those back at their desks in the office contribute to the community is a convenient and safe way at times of low demand.
  • Having your staff members - particularly those with some expertise in financial or legal matters, volunteer to sit on Boards of local community organisations.
  • Buying a block of memberships on behalf of your staff to support a community group.
  • Arranging a staff secondment program - for example an accountancy firm might second one of its staff to help out a series of community groups during tax time - to expand the skills and experiences on both sides.

Corporate volunteering has many benefits for employees, community groups, and the community as a whole - and for businesses. These include:

  • Increased company pride and loyalty by staff
  • Better employee attendance, recruitment and retention
  • Improved staff morale, motivation, team spirit and initiative
  • Enhanced workplace relationships - unique opportunities for staff to work with people from different areas and levels of their organisation
  • New skill development opportunities for staff
  • A more positive corporate image
  • Heightened and positive recognition by customers and consumers
  • New business opportunities
  • Transformed relationship between the company and the local community

The best form of corporate volunteering for each company will be determined by the particular circumstances of the case.

As a good primer, Click here (PDF 86 kb) to download the Business Community Intelligence feature article on Corporate Volunteering.

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