Community-Business Partnerships Help Sheets

These help sheets are designed to take you through the main steps of initiating, nurturing and expanding your community-business partnerships.

The help sheets are not the complete guide to community-business partnerships but they do provide a great starting point for businesses that are interested in getting involved in a partnership or are already involved in one and are looking to improve it.

For ease of use, we have divided the help sheets into five sections, or there is a full list below.

Help Sheets Part 1 - Before you get started in a Partnership

Help Sheets Part 2 - Now you're involved in a Partnership

Help Sheets Part 3 - If things go wrong with your Partnership

Help Sheets Part 4 - Ending a Partnership

Help Sheets Part 5 - General Resources

Full list of help sheets

Before Your Business Gets Started in a Partnership Now You're Involved in a Partnership If Things Go Wrong in your Partnership Ending a Partnership Getting Partnerships in the Media Volunteers and Special Events: Ethics and Community-Business Partnerships: Tips from the Experts Grants, Awards and Your Partnership: