Working with your Chamber of Commerce

Chambers of commerce at local levels are representative and advocacy bodies for businesses and traders in a particular area. They endeavour to represent and look after the interests of members, as well as promoting local businesses and commerce.

It is those links with businesses and the knowledge of their abilities that can make Chambers of Commerce a great resource, source of knowledge and informal partnership broker, particularly for collaborative partnerships involving more than one business.

While community groups can approach chambers of commerce to suggest they act as an informal broker, companies that are members of the chamber are likely to hold more sway.

Business can work with a chamber of commerce by:

  • Approaching it to start a noticeboard or exchange type arrangement where businesses list what they are willing to offer and community groups can ask about partnerships.
  • Seeking information from the chamber about establishing a partnership.
  • Offering to share with the chamber the knowledge you've gained in your own experience with partnerships.
  • Working with the chamber on any existing partnership program it operates.
  • Having the chamber organise a collaborative partnership involving a number of businesses working in partnership on a specific project.
  • Also involving the local council in matching partners or promoting partnership opportunities among community groups and through the chamber of commerce.