360° Insight

What is 360° Insight?

360° Insight is a set of practical tools customised for and to assist each business client to collect data, identify specific issues and explore opportunities for new ways of doing things. It doesn't matter whether you're a small, medium or big company. The 360° Insight model is designed to be a flexible process, it can be used across different industry sectors, it adapts to your business and we will work with you to link your business goals with sustainability.

The Shannon Company is committed to a collaborative partnership approach that builds capacity to draw together the four key dimensions of sustainable practice (social, economic, environmental and political), to create new insight, change and action steps for business over the next decade.

360° Insight is a holistic set of tools customised for each individual client that provides:

  • Data to assist with the analysis of your resource use, plus insights into new options and actions to minimise environmental impacts (ecological life support systems)
  • A review of business practices to to ensure that corporate responsiblity and actions merge with the key dimensions of social sustainability (equity, fairness and global wellbeing)
  • Identification of cost savings by adopting a sustainable approach to business covering both short (eco efficiency) and long term economic gains
  • A review of compliance and regulatory responsibility to ensure accountability
  • The opportunity to assess the risks associated with business as usual and business change
  • A framework to assess business goals and objectives to ensure that future Directions, Needs and Actions (DNA vision for business) are focussed on innovation and change
Intended audience: Business (SMEs and large corporations), tertiary education institutions and local government in Australia and New Zealand.

Commercial benefits/medium and long term objectives


  • Remaining competitive given global change (climate, energy use, water use, financial market, shift in thinking)
  • Reducing costs (data gathering to identify efficiencies, energy, waste, supply chain re-alignment)
  • Increasing product or service sales because of sustainability brand profile
  • Environmental management viewed as smart economic move
  • Economic reality forcing people to rethink what and how they do things
  • Sustainability equals profitability in a new economic paradigm


  • Creating high level of corporate social responsiblity; able to prove your sustainability credentials
  • Acknowledging consumer choice related to greener products and services (community loyalty), goodwill of the market place
  • Increasing brand image and repositioning yourself in the market
  • Requirement of the market place; creating a values-based working environment that attracts and retains employees and customers
  • Establishing alliances and cooperative partnerships to provide supportive supply chain pathways
  • Driving new innovative practice; building capability and action competence


  • Minimising the waste and chemical footprint of business on the environment
  • Limiting the impact of busines on water quality and availability
  • Making better use of green energy to limit environmental impacts of generation and supply
  • Working towards reducing supply chain impact on environment
  • Limit overall business impact on biodiversity


  • Your business acknowledged as a market leader in sustainable practice
  • Working towards appropriate accreditation in sustainable best practice
  • Increasing the level of corporate responsibilty in regard to compliance, monitoring and implementation; leadership beyond compliance
  • Developing a future focus business model that considers next generations

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