The Benefits of Community-Business Partnerships

Staff Morale and Recruitment

  • Prospective employees often seek out companies with volunteering opportunities
  • The opportunity to volunteer for a community group can lift morale, increase retention and just generally make staff happier to work for your firm
  • Having happier staff can increase productivity
  • A partnership can open up new business opportunities when the community directly or indirectly refers customer to you, and others in the community who are impressed by the initiative choose to support your business
  • Ethical investors may be more inclined to put their money into your business
Profile and Influence
  • Higher visibility if your community partner displays your name and logo
  • Not only will more people know your name - they will also associate your business with the partnership's positive results
  • As the old saying goes, actions speak louder than words, and this is true for community-business partnerships. A partnership may increase your sway with local decision-makers and build a positive profile with current or prospective customers.
  • Your community partner will likely promote your business to its own members and to wider networks.
Knowledge and Skills
  • Working with a community can expose you to processes and/or skills that if implemented could improve your business operations.
  • A staff member may return from a pro-bono assignment or a secondment with fresh ideas and a new perspective on your business.
  • A partnership can also inspire innovation by providing an outlet for the exchange of skills and ideas.
An outlet for "giving back" to the community
  • Businesses are essentially groups of people, most of whom have values and care for the wider community. A partnership can help you and your employees feel that the effort they put in at work every day is contributing to the greater good.
An explanation of the many community business partnership models is contained in the Help Sheet Ways to Be Involved.