Business as a Collection Point

Business as a collection point is among the most visible of partnerships, and is also one of the most effective.

The idea of this form of partnership is that the business serves as a point of collection for goods or money for the community group they partner. This collection point can be "actual" - for example, a collection tin on a shop counter, or "virtual" - for example, a percentage fee or donation taken from goods or services sold.

For the business this means the potential of more customers or clients coming through your door to donate, as well as a visible and high profile way to demonstrate your support for the community and your community group partner.

For the community group involved, this type of partnership provides more visibility in the community, as well as helping it raise goods or money without having to actively go out and collect them, or being forced to store them on their premises.

Ideas for business as a collection point:

  • A community group collection tin on a business's front desk.
  • A special occasion collection point - most commonly at Christmas - for the collection of goods for the community group or people it supports, such as the Kmart Wishing Tree, or to collect tools for groups, blankets for a dog's home etc.
  • A referral fee paid to a nominated community group for every customer who mentions its name when making a transaction with the business.
  • A business paying a percentage to its community partner on goods or services sold in its store or firm.