Celebrating your Achievements

Your partnership has been a success, your objectives have been achieved - so now it is time for you and your community group or business partner to celebrate!

Celebrating achievements is an important and positive component of any project, including a community business partnership. Both partners should ensure they make time to celebrate - not only at the end of a successful partnership but when significant achievements are realised during the partnership.

Ten Reasons why Community Business Partners Should Celebrate Their Success:

  • Because your partnership has achieved its goals for community group, business and the wider community.
  • It provides the opportunity for all involved to share in the success of the partnership they have contributed to.
  • Because your partnership has reached a major milestone that deserves to be celebrated.
  • It can provide a chance to mark the end of significant chapter in the partnership in style before your partnership moves on to the next challenge.
  • It will provide a boost in morale, confidence and good feeling among partnership partners.
  • Those involved in the partnership deserve to be recognised for all the work they put in.
  • It is another way of saying "thank-you" to your partnership partner for their efforts.
  • A celebration gives others in the community a chance to show their support and gratitude, and could offer chances to meet and talk to local authorities or authorities in your chosen fields.
  • It gives the media a good picture opportunity and chance to write a report outlining the partnership's achievements - meaning further positive publicity for your business or community group.
  • Because you shouldn't need a reason to celebrate!

How to Celebrate

Let's be honest - most people shouldn't have to be advised on how to celebrate, but there are literally endless ways you, your business partner and the community can mark an important milestone or major success.

They include:
  • A party at your headquarters or those of your partner.
  • An official launch of the project, publication, initiative or improvements your partnership has worked on.
  • A media event designed to not only celebrate but to provide publicity to what your partnership has achieved.
  • A function with invitations to local or regional dignitaries to get them involved and learn about your work.
  • A dinner or drinks at a restaurant or pub.