How Can My Business Do More for Not Much More?

Tips for Cheaply and Effectively Adding to your Partnership with a Community Group

Your business wants to add to its partnership with a community group, but hasn't got an endless pool of resources.

Here are six quick tips on how your business can do more towards your partnership for little or no extra cost:

  • Say thank you.
    • Showing your appreciation after a successful event or joint activity is a great way to generate goodwill and closer ties with your community partner.
    • There are a number of ways a business can say thanks to a community group. For ideas, refer to the Community Business Partnership Help Sheet entitled How to Say Thank You.
  • Name drop.
    • Mentioning your community partner's name or displaying its logo are positive ways to add to the value of your partnership. As well as publicly showing your business' appreciation for your community group partner, it gives both parties and the partnership a profile boost in the wider community.
    • Some ways to name drop include: verbal referrals to clients or customers; displaying your partner's logo or name on your premises; offering to have pamphlets from your community group in your business.
    • For other ways you can name drop, refer to the Name Dropping help sheet.
  • Consider other partnership options.
    • Think about other ways your business may be able to offer assistance or opportunities to your community group partner. If your group thinks there are other ways to help your partner, consider them and talk with your partner about whether they wish to take you up on them.
  • Be on time and ready for activities.
    • If there is a joint activity, working bee or meeting, or if you have organised a delivery of goods or resources, be on time and prepared for the task.
  • Be interested in what your community group partner is doing.
    • Apart from knowing the basics of what your partner organisation does, stay up-to-date on any good or bad news that may come up, or any successes or stories in the media they may feature in.
  • Go with a smile.
    • Ensure that, when appropriate, your business has a smile or laugh on hand for its community partner.
    • While some partnership issues will not lend themselves to too much levity, others - like working bees - do. Having a positive attitude rubs off on others, makes activities more enjoyable for everyone and shows that you do value the relationship.