Thanking a Community-Business Partner

Saying thank you is simple, but can easily be overlooked.
Set yourself a reminder, and when the time comes there are a number of ways to say thanks:
  • Say thank you in person.
This is the best and simplest way of showing your appreciation, and can mean more if you say it at a time or place where other people can hear it.
  • Send your partner a card, letter or note.
They will appreciate the message but also the time it has taken you to write and send it - particularly if your letter is on your letterhead, is handwritten or, if typed, hand-signed.
  • Phone or email them.
A quick phone call or email can do the job. However, continuous use of these methods can begin to feel impersonal - so follow it up with written or personal thanks.
  • Present them with a certificate of appreciation.
This is a particularly common way for community groups to say thanks to their business partners, giving the business something to display in-store for customers to see. It can work the other way too, i.e. the business presenting a certificate of appreciation to their community group partner.
  • Present your partnership partner with a photo.
The photo could be of both groups, or of business staff and community group members enjoying tackling a partnership task.
  • Name drop and give credit where appropriate.
This can be done both verbally in conversation or interviews, as well as in writing in publications like your newsletters, annual reports, media releases or group emails.
  • Send a gift.
Send flowers, chocolates, a hamper or a small gift with a quick thank you note to your community or business partner's workplace or base.
  • Throw a party, have lunch or celebrate with drinks.
This can involve all partners and can be particularly enjoyable when your partnership achieves an important milestone.
  • Show loyalty.
Some examples of displays of loyalty include shopping at your business partner's store, or a business offering a discount, gift certificate or prize for a fundraiser your community partner is holding.
  • Conduct tours of each others' facilities.
Invite staff, volunteers or management from your community business partner to tour your office or base. Not only will this encourage good feeling and show appreciation, it will allow your partner to see exactly what you do, as well as let them meet other members of your group.