Growth out of Conflict

Conflict is an almost unavoidable by-product of any relationship, community-business partnerships included.

Being able to draw the good from the bad and move forward after a conflict is something that can make a real difference to your partnership - especially if another conflict arises. The aim is to work on "moving on" and creating positives out of whatever conflict has occurred.

Five Steps that may Help you Achieve Growth out of Conflict:

  • Realise that growth from conflict is possible.
    • Acknowledging that benefits can result from conflict - no matter how unlikely that may be - is the first step to actually achieving that growth.

  • Change partnership structure.
    • In looking at what is causing or triggering conflict, community business partners can possibly trace back to structural problems with the partnership, and look to either avoid or address them through altering their partnership structure.
  • Don't repeat mistakes.
    • Once a conflict has been identified and then resolved, take note of its causes so the problems are not repeated.

  • Sharpen the focus on partnership aims.
    • Conflict can be used as a tool which, when resolved, can bring a sense of clarity to what the partnership is on about - especially if that conflict is over issues like the partnership's aims, philosophy, methods or roles.
    • This type of conflict can promote some positive debate and a review of your arrangement and what it is trying to achieve.
  • Aim for healthy conflict resolution.
    • A healthy resolution to a conflict which brings about a win-win situation for those involved can result in good feelings for all involved, and secure ongoing commitment.