Reviewing Your Partnership: A Checklist to Gauge the Health of your Partnership

Reviewing the health of your community business partnership is something both partners should commit to doing on a regular basis - perhaps once or twice a year.

Regularly evaluating how the partnership is travelling is a way to not only remind both partners about the partnership's aims, responsibilities and details, but to also identify and address any small or hidden problems that exist.

Finding and fixing a problem when it is small saves a lot more time, resources and anxiety than trying to address a bigger problem later on. The following list is a good introductory guide to help you gauge the health of your community business partnership.

Happiness and comfort:

  • Are both parties still happy in the partnership, and still comfortable with their own roles and responsibilities as well as those of their partner?
  • Do staff and group members still support and believe in the partnership, and do those heading the partnerships still feel comfortable and happy doing so?


  • Do both partners still feel there is a clear definition of purpose, as well as the roles and responsibilities in partnership?
Goals, benefits and resources:
  • Do both parties still feel the partnership is achieving or working towards achieving its aims for the community?
  • Do both partners believe the partnership is achieving the benefits and objectives for their own group that they want to see?
  • Are the resources of the partnership - goods, donations, services, volunteer work, resources or learning opportunities - being focussed in the right area?
  • Are the resources the partnership has still enough to achieve those aims?
  • Are responsibilities still being shared fairly in the partnership, or is there a need to review who does what?
Decision-making and ideas:
  • Are decisions of the partnership still being made jointly, with both partners actively involved in the process?
  • Do both partners still look for ways to improve the relationship, as well as recognising when an element of the partnership has worked well?
Honesty, respect and trust:
  • Is there still a clearly defined environment of honesty, respect and trust in the partnership - not only between the two groups, but within those groups as well?
  • Are all those involved in the partnership's work valued and respected, and treated properly?
  • Does there remain a healthy level of communication between and within the two partnership groups?
  • Are both partners able to talk about partnership issues - both good and bad - and speak to each other as partnership equals?
  • Are both partners able to listen to each other's thoughts and ideas respectfully?
  • Has the partnership been recognised internally and externally?
  • Is there still flexibility in the partnership - an ability or willingness to be flexible or change if necessary?

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