Local Focus - Why Businesses Should Partner Local Community Groups

Large, high-profile community-based organisations tend to attract the most business support. Smaller, local groups which themselves do very good work often struggle for resources.

Finding and cultivating a partnership with a local community organisation may take a little more time, research and thought, but the benefits are multiplied. And those benefits flow back into the community where your employees and their families live.

A local patnership offers:

More chance of success because both parties want the local community to benefit, and they can actually see those benefits.

A boost in patronage because local residents will see the good work the partnership is doing, and will want to support you.

More flexibility because you can communicate face-to-face with your partner, rather than having to travel to the offices of a national organisation or rarely being able to communicate with them at all.

Improved standing and profile in the community.

Mulitplying benefits where you lead by example and other businesses follow suit.

A distinguishing feature that sets your business apart from local competitors.

Greater community capacity and skills from which your business can draw staff in future.

Better awareness of local issues, challenges and trends, and how your business can respond and benefit.

Greater support from staff who will have a sense of ownership both of the partnership and the community it is benefiting.

Higher morale, new skills and better job satisfaction for staff, leading to greater productivity and lower turnover.