In-kind Support - How to get it right

When done correctly, in-kind support can be a hugely effective and beneficial form of community business partnership. On the other hand, if done incorrectly, it can be hugely frustrating and ineffective.

Review and Evaluate

Know what your business gives in in-kind support currently:
  • How much do you give?
  • To whom do you give?
  • When or under what conditions &ndash regularly, semi regularly, once a year &ndash do you give?
  • What is the retail value of what you give?
Know what your business gets in return from each of these arrangements:
  • Be it in the way of sponsorships, other arrangements, profile-raising publicity, staff satisfaction and development and community involvement, etc.
Then take into account:
  • Any special events, occasions or plans your business has where there is an opportunity to offer in-kind support
  • Any special events, occasions or projects your partner may have where you can offer help in terms of in-kind goods and services.
  • Any changes in business focus, operation, market or financial position that could impact on the goods, services or resources you are providing &ndash or that could impact on the benefits you are receiving from your community group sponsorship.
  • Any well-informed opinions or advice from your staff about how your in-kind support could be better targeted.
And evaluate:
  • If the in-kind exchange between your business and the community group is fair and reasonable, or if it could be improved.
  • If what you provide in the in-kind relationship is still of use to your community partner, or is there something else that would be more beneficial?
  • If the goods, services or resources you provide can be better targeted to meet their needs.
The most important thing to remember in this process is to keep open the lines of communication between your community group partner and your company.