Communities in Control 2012

Communities in Control 2012 took place at Moonee Valley on May 28 and 29, 2012. Audio, video, papers, transcripts* and PowerPoint presentations, where available, are provided below, posted in order of appearance at the conference.

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Communities in Control brings together all those who work in, work for or care about community to focus on our common strengths and nut out ways to shape our destiny. Delegates were given the opportunity to hear from some of this nation's foremost thinkers and speakers - people who were able to give us a head start on the long view - to learn and reflect, to meet others who care about what they care about, and to start to plot a way forward.

As in past years, the Questions & Comments sessions at the end of each speech often proved to be just as insightful as the speeches themselves. So too the conversations delegate-to-delegate during the breaks, and the ones taking place on Twitter (#cic2012).

You can download the presentations and transcripts below. Please note:

  • Clicking a TRANSCRIPT link will open a PDF file - note that some transcripts have been edited lightly to aid readability of the spoken word. Where a transcript is not available, a summary has been provided.
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The Hon Peter Ryan MP
Deputy Premier of Victoria, Leader of the Nationals, Minister for Bushfire Response, Police & Emergency Services, and Regional & Rural Development
Victorian Government Welcome
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Dr James Whelan
Research Director, Public Research Program, Centre for Policy Development
Is Australia ready for 'Big Society'?
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Associate Professor Natasha Cica
Director, Inglis Clark Centre for Civil Society, University of Tasmania
I Was Only Following Orders: When to speak up, when to pull out, when to shut up
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Dr Samantha Thomas
Senior Research Fellow, Monash University
From the Bottom Up: Do nothing about us without us
George Megalogenis
Author, journalist, political commentator, blogger
The Australian Moment: What's next?
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Margaret Simons
Journalist, author, academic, media commentator
Taking on the Fourth Estate: Why the time is NOW for people-powered news
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Scott Riddle
Strategic Syndication Partnership Manager, Google
Technological Stewardship: Charting your course in an increasingly digital world
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Government Works: The OurSay Panel
  • Introduction: Eyal Halamish, OurSay CEO
  • Facilitator: Brett de Hoedt, Mayor, Hootville
  • Stephen Mayne, Councillor and Governance expert
  • John Thwaites, former Victorian Deputy Premier
  • Fran Bailey, former Howard Government Minister
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Damian Ogden
Founder and Executive Director, CampaignAction; Obama Campaign Advisor
Generation Next: A new way forward for community leadership
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The 2012 Joan Kirner Social Justice Award
  • Introduction: Carol Schwartz, Founder and Chair, Trawalla Foundation; Founding Chair, Our Community
  • The Announcement: Prime Minister of Australia, The Hon Julia Gillard MP
  • The Winner: Maryborough Neighbourhood Renewal - Margaret Kent (Place Manager) & Kaz Huges ('Getting Ahead' participant)
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The Hon Joan Kirner AC
Former Victorian Premier, Victorian Communities Ambassador
The 2012 Joan Kirner Social Justice Oration
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*Please Note: Some of these papers have been edited from the spoken form to aid readability. All care has been taken to retain the voice and context of the paper as delivered. Presentations Copyright Our Community and the author.

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