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Ms Debra Boland
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Animal Aid exists to unite people and pets for life. We are committed to acting in the best interests of each and every animal that comes through our doors. Through the promotion of responsible pet ownership and the provision of the highest standard of care, Animal Aid is dedicated to improving the welfare of companion pets in our society. We are passionate about advocating for the adoption of companion pets, working to address the issues associated with animal overpopulation and abolishing sub-standard animal breeding practices. Animal Aid is an organisation that chooses to be great, not big!.

The Intent of Animal Aid:

Is to provide shelter accommodation for animals at risk and run programs designed to educate both the human and the animal so that in the long term the overpopulation of pets, particularly dogs and cats, will be reduced and the appalling continuous over production can be stopped.
We believe that every animal that can be re-homed should, at the very least, be given that opportunity. "Pound only operations" where animals are euthanased after the statutory holding period should be phased out as being inappropriate in a civilized society.

Recent Accomplishments of Animal Aid:

We have successfully implemented our ART (Animal Rehabilitative Training) program, which addresses inappropriate kennel behaviour exhibited by some dogs, and uses positive reinforcement training and environment enrichment to adjust their behaviour. The program has resulted in successful re-homing over 75% of dogs put through the program that would have otherwise not even rated a second look from potential owners when looking a new family pet.

Our Post Adoptive Training program, offering training and education for both owners and dogs, helped reduce the number of dogs returned to the shelter because of behavior related issues. Both owner and dog need assistance to settle in together, the "PAT" program fills that need.