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Mr Chris Reside
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2/250 Gore Street

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PO Box 1293

Abbeyfield Australia works with local communities in states and territories across Australia to establish and maintain affordable, secure and supportive group housing to meet the accomodation needs of older people and, more recently, those of younger people with a mild intellectual or physical disability. Each group house provides private and shared. independent living space for 10 people.

The Intent of Abbeyfield Australia Limited:

Members of local communities join with Abbeyfield to initiate, develop, maintain and manage group houses to provide accomodation for people in need, both older people and younger disabled people, often living on low incomes. tResidents live independently with dignity and security.  The houses are designed with private bed-sitting rooms and en-suite bathrooms and the public spaces, including the gardens, are shared.   A housekeeper is employed who shops, cooks and cleans the common areas of the house.   Emphasis is placed on choice and decision making and residents are responsible for their own lives. 

Recent Accomplishments of Abbeyfield Australia Limited:

Abbeyfield has, most recently, extended its housing model to meet the needs of younger people with mild intellectual and physical disabilities.   The aim is to provide a measure of independence and an environment which will support learning and growth.   Because of the demands on ageing parents, this form of housing provides an essential alternative by offering opportunities and companioship to young people.