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Mrs Barbara Coleman
Phone: 03 5874 5548
Fax: 03 5874 5548
Email: blc1@iinet.net.au


RMB 1360 Bearii Rd

Postal Address

PO Box 75

We are a Section 86 Committee of Management of the Cobram Historical Precinct, new formed in July 2003.

The Precinct is centered around the 'Old School", which is the old state primary school and up until now has been used by various local groups.
Our aim is to make the school and surrounding area into an attractive and interesting Historical area that depicts Cobram's past and provides a point of interest in Cobram. The Cobram Historical Society and the Cobram Genealogical Group will be the users of the buildings and are both part of the Committee of Management. We have inherited a building on bare ground, the building is in fair condition just requiring a toilet, power upgrade disabled access and a few minor improvements. Any improvements we make will be made without any changes to the structure of the building where possible. The outside requires fencing, and a plan of action as regards gardens and display area. The Cobram Historical have plans for an outdoor Museum Shed to house small items of farming equipment but that is the limit of plans at the moment. To do all that is required will of course take funds which is why I am looking at this site. We do receive a small budget from the Moira Shire to assist with minor maintenance, power and water.

The Intent of Cobram Historical Precinct:

The Committee of Management is about creating a site for Historical displays that will benefit the Cobram Community and one that they will be proud to advertise. The Precinct is Committee is made up of Four members of Cobram Historical Society, four members Cobram Genealogical Group and four community members.

We are a Section 86 Committee of Management appointed by Moira Shire, so we are not incorporated nor do we have an ABN. The Moira Shire has an Hertiage overlay on the 'Old School'.

Recent Accomplishments of Cobram Historical Precinct:

The Cobram Historical Society have been collecting and storing items of interest to the Moira Shire for a number of years and are now looking forward to be able to display these items to the general public.
The Cobram Genealogy Group, are of course 'Family History'. We celebrated our 20th Birthday last year. We hold regular monthly meetings, and open our room in the 'Old School' every Thursday so that members of the Public can visit to either look or research. Our aim is to make our centre the best resourced centre in the Moira Shire to attract people to Cobram. We take part in a Family History Expo held at Yarrawonga every year,some events are just social others like trips to Melbourne are for some Research for others a day of shopping or visiting friends, the choice is theirs. We feel that family history is a hobby that all can enjoy regardless of age and physical abilities. Many of our older members are now well into the internet, email, and have really enoyed the challenge of computers.
We feel that the mix of the two groups within the Precinct will create a pleasant and entertaining place to visit.