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Abbey Museum of Art & Archaeology –


Mrs Edith Cuffe
Phone: 07 5495 1652
Fax: 07 5499 0081
Email: admin@abbeymuseum.asn.au
Website: www.abbeymuseum.asn.au


1-63 The Abbey Place

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The Museum has won international acclaim for the quality of its displays and the scope of its collections, from many different civilisations and cultures. Its European collections of medieval art have a premier place in Australia.

The Intent of Abbey Museum of Art & Archaeology:

Recent Accomplishments of Abbey Museum of Art & Archaeology:

The Museum Board is currently working on two new exciting projects: the construction of a new Art Gallery to house the priceless collections of Old Masters, and a reconstruction of a full scale Medieval Village. When these come to fruition, John Ward's vision of a Folk Park will have come full circle.