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Dr Mark Bagshaw
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The Foundation will consider that it has been a success when people with disabilities can take part in every aspect of everyday life without difficulty, and when the employment rate of people with disabilities matches that of the general population.

The Intent of Ability Australia:

The Foundation's activities are based on a clear understanding of the issues faced by people with disabilities. There are three major factors:

1. People with disabilities have difficulty coming to grips with their disability emotionally.

2. There are major infrastructure barriers that people with disabilities face on a daily basis, both in the overall environment as well as in workplaces.

3. The community has lower expectations of people with disabilities and their potential to contribute fully to society.

To address these issues, The Ability Australia Foundation has developed a series of initiatives which are designed to:

1. Demonstrate to people with disabilities that they can lead rewarding, productive lives regardless of their disability.

2. Remove wherever possible the infrastructure barriers which exist and thereby to create a level playing field for people with disabilities. This will be achieved by seeking partnerships with business and with government to develop smart technologies for products and services.

3. Raise community expectations that people with disabilities can contribute equally in society.

These activities are encapsulated as the Foundation's 'Whole of Life' approach, a major initative which has to date not been implemented anywhere else in the world.

Recent Accomplishments of Ability Australia:

* Establishment of the Disability Solutions Innovation Centre at the Australian Technology Park
* Development of the "Champions for Disability Reform" initiative that identifies high-level individuals within Australian society who can help put disability reform on Australia's national agenda