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Outblack –


Mr Ronald Johnson
Phone: 03 9 44 22 580
Fax: nil


25 Erskine Avenue

What is OutBlack?
We cover the whole of Victoria.

Koorie Gay & Transgender Sister Girls Social / Support Group of Victoria

OUTBLACK caters to Indigenous Australians / Torres Strait Islander Gay & Transgender Sister Girls living in Victoria.

All Indigenous Australian / Torres Strait Islander Gay and Transgender Sister Girls are welcome with their Partners, Lovers and friends for social functions and outings.

OUTBLACK has a Support Group which meets to discuss issues and strategies in the advancement and interest of the group. Members are welcome to participate. Venues for activities are communicated by mail or phone.

Why have a group?

It allows our members to meet other Indigenous Gay and Transgender Sister Girls on common ground, to talk about issues that they can relate to with each other. Members are encouraged to play an active part in the establishment and development of the group.

We aim:

To improve the life-style for Indigenous Gay and Transgender Sister Girls living in Victoria.

To provide, educational information on issues for our members.

To encourage and foster the establishment of an access point where our members can be heard.

To raise awareness of issues and concerns so as to develop a greater understanding of our members within the Koori and wider community.

To provide to our members a resource for information / education in relationship to HIV / AIDS and sexual health for Indigenous Australian & Torres Strait Islander people.

The Intent of Outblack:

What is OutBlack?

We welcome all peoples to join our Social Support group.

The group has attended and participated in numberous events relating to Gay Rights. Our members have had there own Radio show on 3KND 1503AM, march in Mardi Grasi and Melbourne Pride in St Kilda, attended the Gay Games Sydney,and have been on channel 31 ( Bent TV )At one stage we have a newsletter and we have a web page ( needs an update)and the group Four times a year has a Drag Show in Melbourne.

Recent Accomplishments of Outblack:

We have recived regonition from the Victorian AIDS Council been award a Community Certificate.

And we are regonise be the State body for National Aborigines and Torres Strait Islander Day Observence Community by making us a state event during that week.