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The Australian Foundation for the Peoples of Asia and the Pacific Limited (AFAP) is a not-for-profit organisation established in 1968 concerned with emergency relief operations, sustainable international development and the eradication of poverty worldwide.

AFAP works to assist the peoples of Southeast Asia, South Asia, South Pacific and Africa by supporting programs that are environmentally and economically sustainable, gender balanced and supportive of the integrity and self-determination of local communities.

The Intent of AFAP:

AFAP promotes sustainable, self-reliant community projects in the areas of institution building, health, education, literacy, agriculture, environmental protection, water and sanitation, hospital rehabilitation, village improvement, disaster relief and rehabilitation in co-operation with our extensive network and Australian-based 'support groups'.

Recent Accomplishments of AFAP:

AFAP and the FSP network specialise in innovative community development technologies such as our successful dengue fever avoidance project in Viet Nam, the award winning Forest Gardens projects in Sri Lanka, Philippines, Viet Nam and Zimbabwe; water & sanitation projects in Malawi that have increased community access to water and decreased instances of malaria and cholera and our disaster preparedness program that brings local knowledge together with modern technologies to help communities better prepare for natural disasters, and to help international agencies better respond (www.afap.org/apcedi/).