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Advantage WA c-o Curtin Advantage – Curtin Advantage - Advantage WA


Mrs Tracey Hodgkins
Phone: 089266 3023
Fax: 089266 3847
Email: t.hodgkins@exchange.curtin.edu.au
Website: www.advantage.edu.au (pending)


Curtin University of Technology
Kent ST

The Curtin Advantage mission is to provide an innovative range of support mechanisms, training, work placements, industry/community liaison, social enterprise and entrepreneurial opportunities to assist Curtin students with their personal and professional development whilst providing significant benefits and sustainable improvements to the wider community.

The Intent of Advantage WA c-o Curtin Advantage:

Advantage is an exciting new and highly successful program run through Western Australian universities giving students opportunities to develop the skills needed to find employment after graduation. Initiated at Curtin University, Bentley, the Advantage program has been running for three years and has been awarded national and international awards as well as created over 100,000 leading edge graduates.

Once volunteering their time to Advantage, students are assigned to a variety of short or long term projects within the university or in the wider community. Using skills learnt in their course as well as developing basic entrepreneurial and decision making skills, the team works together, under the guidance of an assigned mentor to complete the project. The mentors chosen for each project represent a large sector of successful WA business identities including Brett Lane, editor of the business section at The West Australian and Pat Eardley, past CEO of Motorola.

In addition to the long term relationships made between the students at Advantage, many who return after graduation volunteer their time mentoring projects. Relationships between Advantage and the business community have also been established to produce a network of Advantage affiliations. Already partnerships between Advantage and Motorola, are helping to secure Advantage's future in terms of funding, professional and student training, assistance and project ideas.

In 2006 Advantage is set to spread its wings from Curtin University to all Western Australian universities and selected TAFE centers. The scope of students involved with the program will be immense and the awareness of Advantage sure to impress. With this in mind the team at Advantage are asking for your involvement.

The money acquired by Advantage from sponsorship will be used to fund programs and projects in all WA universities. Students from all over the state and some international students will experience and benefit from the funds and will no doubt return the investment in terms of skills and experience once established in the workforce.

Recent Accomplishments of Advantage WA c-o Curtin Advantage:

Curtin Advantage, Curtin's division of Advantage, in 2004 demonstrated how well established and integral Advantage is in WA by winning the SIFE (Students in Free Enterprise) World Cup in an international ceremony in Barcelona. In this competition, and many others Advantage is involved with, the students are asked to present on their projects under a specific set of criteria and are then judged by a panel of leading business men and women representing some of the worlds most powerful companies.

Others include
Young Achievement Australia (YAA)

Product Innovation Award,
Blue Chip Award,
Business Skills Program Award Runner-up,
Tertiary Business Person of the Year Award Runner-up,
Tertiary Trade Fair Award Runner-up


WA State Trade-fair Sales, Merchandising and Marketing Awards

Shell LiveWire
Mentored four out of the five Award winners:
Shell Business of the Year - First and Third place winners
Sustainable Environment Award
96Fm Product Innovation Award
Pharmacia Community Award - Youth Nightclubs - $500

Curtin Creative Brain Games
122 teams from across divisions competed for $3000 in cash and prizes
1st Prize Winners - The Curtin Imagination Association

Curtin Entrepreneurs Challenge
Mentored 25 teams
1st Prize Winners Technology Precinct award - Green Avengers $5000 cash prize
Kaz Computing Innovation Award - Digiplus - $500
SEA Environmental Award - Green Avengers - $500

Students In Free Enterprise (SIFE)

2nd Nationally first year in attendance


Young Achievement Australia (YAA)
Winners of:
Western Australian Overall Trade Fair Award
Western Australian Tertiary Company of the Year
Australian Business Plan Award
Australian Innovative Product Award

Students In Free Enterprise - Australian

Australian Champions 2004

Students In Free Enterprise International Champions 2004

International Champions 2004