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Gynaecological Awareness Information Network (GAIN) Inc – VIC


Ms Natalie Jenkins
Email: natalie.jenkins@optusnet.com.au
Website: www.gynsupport.com


PO Box 170

- Foster community awareness of women's gynaecological issues.
- Provide information to empower individuals to develop responsibility towards gynaecological health.
- Promote the importance of a holistic approach to gynaecological health.
- Promote preventative gynaecological health activities and attitudes.
- Have a positive impact on the psychosocial outcomes of gynaecological issues.

The Intent of Gynaecological Awareness Information Network (GAIN) Inc:

- Support (via phone and e-mail) for gynaecological patients (both post and pre diagnosis)
- Quarterly newsletter to members, medical fraternity, women's groups, government and general public containing gynaecolgical issues, developments and information for preventative care
- Liaison with medical practioners about needs of gynaecological patients and relevant research
- Lisaon with NGO's, health consumer and health support groups regarding needs of gynaecological patients and relevant research
- Liaison with media regarding gynaecological conditions, promoting preventative care
- Information stands at relevant expos and seminars
- Conducting information seminars for general public, women's organisations and medical fraternity, on gynaecological developments, research and conditions
- Dissemination of gynaecolgical information, research and health consumer stories to members, women's groups, general public and medical fraternity
- Co-ordination of annual National Gynaecological Day which generates awareness, disseminates information and increases profile of preventative gynaecolgical care
- Attendance at national, statewide and international conferences and seminars to promote gynaecological health
- Keynote presentations at lunches, seminars, corporate functions etc promoting gynaecological awareness and health
- Provision of information for medical resource libraries such as King Edward Memorial Hospital women's health library
- Various events for members held throughout the year
- Part of organising committee of Wise Women Wednesday - monthly information forums for women
- Work with Cancer Councils in all states in raising awareness of gynaecological cancers and preventative measures
- Work with the Division's of GPs to promote gynaecological health
- Work with national organisations such as the National Council of Women to put gynaecological health on their agenda
Work with government to put gynaecological health on their agenda

Recent Accomplishments of Gynaecological Awareness Information Network (GAIN) Inc:

- Establishing National Gynaecological Awareness Day on 10 September of every year.
- National and international media exposure of women's stories about their gynaecological conditions (in a society that still sees these issues as taboo)
- A number of resolutions supporting gynaecolgical health via national and international organisations such as the International and National Council of Women