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"ACAN" exists to support and promote the work of Australasian Christian Artists (musicians, artists and Industry Personnel) and those who work with them. ACAN aims are: To help foster a healthier Australasian Christian music industry through the development of an expansive nationwide database and interactive network of bands, solo artists, songwriters and other associated industry personnel, including concert and festival organizers and promoters, media and other contacts of benefit to Australasian Christian artists.

The Intent of Australian Christian Artists Network Incorporated:

Providing a platform for Australian Christian/Gospel Artists to find regular Work, Development Opportunities, Mentorship, Consultation on Music Industry related matters such as Recording Touring,Publishing Distribution, Management, Mediation,Direction,Production and Promotion of their gifts talents and products. ACAN also produces the Annual Christian Music Festival entitled the Forest Edge Christian Music Festival in March open to all its members from across the nation. Throughout the year ACAN also produces the Muso's Breakfast event in every state to provide those who are working professionally the opportunity to Inspire, Mentor and Advise the Up and Coming Artists in the nation. Please check our website which is is under re-construction.

Recent Accomplishments of Australian Christian Artists Network Incorporated:

The Australasian Christian Artists Network (ACAN) is the national peak body of and for the many Christian Artists in Australia and a number of New Zealand Artists. ACAN is also the producer of several industry events and programs. One of those is the very popular annual Christian Music Festival entitled the "Forest Edge Christian Music Festival" The event has been running since 2000 - 2003 inclusive.

In 2004 the ACAN Executive Committee decided to postpone its annual (2004-2005) events, to address a number of strategies regarding the future of the Network and its key objectives, including the festival

The popular Festival is an exciting event attended by crowds of teenagers and young adults, as well as a liberal sprinkling of the young at heart and the young of years, our most senior attendee was in his sixties.

In 2004, in order to fulfill our commitment to our members a "One Day Mini-Festival" entitled 1Fest (Geelong) saw many local bands and artists from the Network gather to keep the ambers alive.

ACAN is pleased to announce that in the past eighteen months, the infrastructure and new strategies for the national network have been put in place to Re-commence and Re-brand the Forest Edge Christian Music Festival into the Annual Christian Community Calendar. The very popular event will definitely be back in 2006. The dates are set for the 10th -13th March 2006 (the Victorian Labor Day long weekend) ACAN's Forest Edge Christian Music Festival will be once again held at the Forest Edge Campsite near Neerim South.

ACAN believes this non-denominational event fulfils its vision of "making a positive impact for God on the lives of young people." Ministry and worship times are held each morning where attendees are challenged with the claims of Christ on their lives. We have also implemented a strategy of having various "event chaplains" available on site to maximize ministry and counseling opportunities where necessary.

The ACAN Forest Edge Christian Music Festival also seeks to be a place where many (fulltime Christian Artists) who spend their time ministering throughout Australia, can come for a time of "Fellowship, Mentorship, Encouragement and Networking. This part of the event helps ACAN to fulfill its Aims and Objectives and responsibility to its members which is stated in its Mission Statement above.

Many of the Australian Artists (who are members of ACAN) have toured the Nation and Overseas, and have Headlined or supported some of the biggest Christian and Gospel artists in the world and performed at some of the Largest festivals in Australia and a number of interntional events as well.

ACAN Members "Paul Colman Trio" (now residing in the USA)was nominated for a Grammy Award in 2003 for the Best New Artist, Rebecca St James(South Australia) won a Grammy Award in 2000 for topping the Christian/Gospel Charts in the USA.

Alasbaster Box from Qld have just recently relocated to the USA to work and record. At least fifty percent (50%) of ACAN members are working full time in the sector and others are being groomed and mentored by ACAN to further their career both locally and internationally.

As The National Peak Body for Christian/Gospel Artists "ACAN" is also an invaluable resource to many churches, festivals, promoters and producers of events organisers around the country as well as overseas.