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FA Australia Incorporated –


Mr Alan Howard-Jones
Phone: 08 8284 5351
Fax: 08 8284 1346


PO Box 433

FA Australia supports families with children suffering the disease Fanconi Anaemia (FA).
We provide information and education to patients & doctors with latest research & treatment options from all around the world.
Australian FA patients, long isolated and without any support base in Australia can now face their journeys with the support of a community of people who understand where they have been and where they are going.

The Intent of FA Australia Incorporated:

As a new organisation, we are planning many fundraising events and strategies to get the word out--increasing awareness of Fanconi Anaemia.

At this point, we have not participated offically in any other major events or programs.

Recent Accomplishments of FA Australia Incorporated:

Earlier in 2006 we hosted a BBQ in Sydney where 3 FA families came together for the first time. Most FA patients (children & adults) have never even heard of another FA patient in Australia, let alone met one... or three!!

We have also recently won a grant for the printing of information packs & brochures for FA, to be distributed to treatment centres across the country.