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Community Services Directory

Harlaxton Neighbourhood Centre –


Mr Matt Tamou
Phone: (07) 4639 2868
Fax: (07) 4639 2729
Email: Harlaxtonnc@bigpond.com
Website: hnc.org.au


PO Box 62

To provide services and assistance to community members, to become independant, self reliant, confident and contributing for the betterment of themselves and their community

The Intent of Harlaxton Neighbourhood Centre:

Any community activity that involves participation and assists people to get involved

Recent Accomplishments of Harlaxton Neighbourhood Centre:

Particpation in Family week 2013 Toowoomba (Assisted 500  children and parents)

Support Lifeline with Trauma teddy donations

Support Drug Arm programs for children

Support Oz Care seervices

Suport and cellebrate 

Support Indigenous touch footclub 2014

Centrelink agency

Agency for emergency assistance(ER)

Cooking program (Lighten up)

Computer Lessons for seniors

Hebrew class

Pre Kindy Playgroup

Art Classes