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1st Kallista Scout Group –


Ms Belinda Hubbard
Phone: 03 5968 3547
Fax: 03 59685333


2a Holman Raod

We are a local group of the scouting organisation
we are trying to keep the group local so all children in the age groups in the area have the oppatunity to be involved as the group in is a semi rural area acsess to community groups is not always easy and some times more than 10 kms away

The Intent of 1st Kallista Scout Group:

As our group is still very new and small we are still putting togethergreat programs, as this year is the 100 of scouting we aim to make it to all the district regional and state activities, we are also aim to get involved in service in the comunity, holding discos so the whole community can come not just the scouts

Recent Accomplishments of 1st Kallista Scout Group:

We have recently trained new leaders and have great numbers in cubs air aim is to have these cubs go onto scouts and ventures which will help them all through their lifes