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Belgrave Community Arts Partnership – Dandenong Ranges


Mr Neil Bateman
Phone: 0400609130


PO Box 601

We are committed to provide community with opportunities to connect through creative expression, thus developing & improving community capacity & mental health.
We are about
"Creating local appealing places where groups and individuals join together to celebrate their unique and diverse creative expression through exciting and uplifting festivities"

The Intent of Belgrave Community Arts Partnership:

building community through creative expression
events, workshops
international days (ie next event is on "International Peace Day" in the Town Park)

Anything that can bring community together in positive ways.

Recent Accomplishments of Belgrave Community Arts Partnership:

the 2007 Belgrave Lantern Parade & Street fest
- see our website for further details.
The event was a great success, with over 2500 attending our first event, and many emails & letters of feedback expressing gratitude and a new sense of belonging & connection to community; and a sense of something "magical" happening in our community; and the desire for more of the same! One of the most powerful things about this festival was that 1000s of members of the community worked on lanterns in the months leading up to the event, and then, THE COMMUNITY WAS THE EVENT! People - young, old, disabled, children, all carried their lanterns down the main street (which was closed for the event), whilst others in the community crowded the footpaths to watch. Other community members played music. Community members organised and coordinated this even from start to finish - all volunteers. The event WAS TOTALLY COMMUNITY - and the richness of benefit to many is hard to estimate, but judging from the feedback we have received from the very first "Lantern Making Workshop" to after the actual event, lead us to believe that it was an extremely important & beneficial event on many levels, for many reasons, to many many people in the community...and this is just the beginning!