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Healesville Environment Watch Inc. – C4 Healesville


Ms Maureen Bond
Phone: (03) 5962 1224
Fax: (03) 5962 1224
Email: hewisec@bigpond.com
Website: www.hewi.friends.melbournewater.com.au


PO Box 444

Promote public appreciation, knowledge, protection, enjoyment and enhancement of our natural environment.

Identify and document indigenous flora and fauna and formally advocate for the protective management of  bushland and waterways.

Support and advocate suitable land usage, building design and conservation policies.

Promote public discussion and debate on environmental issues within our community. Provide delegates to regional envionmental forums.

Initiate and manage projects to restore degraded waterways. Encourage student participation i n our regular revegetation and weed eradication activities.


The Intent of Healesville Environment Watch Inc.:

Waterways Restoration

Join us for our revegetation projects which include community planting and maintenance days.  Our restoration of local creeks is supported by the Yarra Ranges Shire and Melbourne Water and we have a Water Watch team sampling the Watts River monthly. Work experience students always welcome.

Nature Walks

Guided walks with local botantists through reserves and parks to identify indigenous flora and fauna, recording rare and endangered species. Spotlighting activities are also offered and orchid walks each spring.

Environment Exploration Courses

In partnership with the Healesville Living and Learning Centre, HEWI offers short courses that explore the natural world and water conservation with professional tutors and guest speakers.

Sustainable Development

HEWI actively advocates sustainable development within our shire by reviewing planning submissions, participating in regional forums, and appearing before hearings as required.

Community Information Resource

HEWI has a reference library for local flora and fauna, weeds and land management. Our planning files are used by students of environmental issues and practices. We have an office, two days a week, within the Healesville Living and Learning Centre

Recent Accomplishments of Healesville Environment Watch Inc.:

HEWI has recently applied for the protection of Pomaderris vacciniifolia as an endangered species under the Flora and Fauna Guarantee ACT, 1988.